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About Ms. Swati

In 1990, I started my vocation as a teacher at Bombay International School. After teaching for over 7 years, I switched careers and later pursued my childhood aspiration to study in the United States. After completing a second bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Business Administration, I worked in America for a few years in the field of social research and human resources. Not finding it fulfilling, I came back to my first love of teaching so that I could play an influential role in developing the minds of students.

In 2009, I started Bridges International to coach students in various subjects, individually and in small groups. Soon, I started coaching on SAT, ACT, and other admission tests. Having studied at U.S. universities for both undergraduate and graduate study, I know firsthand how crucial admission test scores are for acceptance to top universities and for securing scholarships to study abroad.

As the founder and an experienced tutor for test prep for over 15+ years, I take immense joy, pride, and satisfaction in my intuitive style of teaching and my robust and constantly updated curriculum. This has played a key role in successfully assisting my students to reach their true potential (and beyond) and perform exceptionally on admission tests.


  • Academic and Test Prep tutoring
  • Verbal Tutor at AP Guru July 2022 – February 2024


My goal is to help every student I teach cross the bridge successfully by preparing them with a systematic, thorough, and comprehensive curriculum, to enable them to achieve their desired test scores, and gain admission to the colleges and universities of their choice.

"I am thrilled to recommend Ma'am Swati as an outstanding English SAT exam instructor. She possesses an exceptional ability to break down complex English concepts into easy to understand components, which helped me grasp not only the material but also excel in my SAT exam. I found her passion for teaching infectious and she goes above and beyond to provide personalized attention, constructive feedback, targeted strategies tailored to my strengths and areas of improvement. More than a teacher she becomes your friend who you can have fun conversations about life with. Her classroom is a perfect place to study - it makes everything less stressful and intimidating so you can focus on learning in a more positive way."
DY Patil International School (DYPIS)


Ms. Swati’s own ACDC model of learning where each student is held