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Testimonials :

Dear Ms Swati I would like to thank you for preparing me for my IELTS in a detailed manner which I had no clue about. Thanks to you, I got my score and secured my admission. You are an excellent teacher and helped me in maths to understand a few topics in Fractions. My English grammar lessons helped me to perfect my English. Thank you Ms Swati.

Zenia.   TABIS

Ms Swati you have been outstanding to shape Zenia to be a confident IELTS student. Zenia has overcome her learning difficulties to tackle without fear of Maths and coming to enjoy numbers which she never did !! You taught her in a way she found easy and most interesting and never missed an opportunity to be at your class. Truly appreciate your patience efforts and kindness in mounding Zenia to face her future.
A heartfelt Thank you.

Ava Poonawala.  

I was very apprehensive about taking the SAT because I had only two months to prepare for it, but I found the perfect guide, and that made it possible for me to get acquainted with the portion and the test in the short span of time. Not only did Miss Swati teach exceptionally well, but she also always reminded me to have fun and be a good person. I never got stressed out because the classes were well paced and I also got enough practice. All in all, I was satisfied and pleased to learn from Miss Swati and I believe she was the perfect mentor to guide me through my preparation time.

Dhwani Shah.   H.R. College

Dear Ms. Swati,
It was a great journey. You are really hard working and caring...
Thank you for helping me. Looking forward to meet you soon. .

Utsav.  Jai Hind College

Review - Very good
Teacher - Skillful, knowledgeable, Caring
Classes environment - Comfortable
What I really liked was the bonus food and the understanding you have.
Thank you for all the effort you have put in me.
Thank you for a really good experience.
Will surely recommend you to others for SAT.

Amaan. P  JBCN

Dear Ms Swati, I have really enjoyed all of your SSAT classes. To add to that the way that you have made me understand different topics and made sure that I will do well in my coming up SSAT exam. You have always been funny and I will never forget the names we came up for ... Thanks for everything that you have taught me. You never gave up on me even after seeing my results.

Krishraj   American International School of Bombay (ASB)

Dear Ms. Swati, These last couple of months have made me extremely prepared for my SSAT final exam, and I am confident that there will be improvement from my last one. For me, this experience has been very essential, as I can’t imagine learning all of this on my own. Since the very first day you had me writing note cards and memorizing hundreds of words. I enjoyed these sessions.

Krishna Deora   American International School of Bombay (ASB)

I was very apprehensive about taking the SAT because I had only two months to prepare for it, but I found the perfect guide, and that made it possible for me to get acquainted with the portion and the test in the short span of time. Not only did Miss Swati teach exceptionally well, but she also always reminded me to have fun and be a good person. I never got stressed out because the classes were well paced and I also got enough practice. All in all, I was satisfied and pleased to learn from Miss Swati and I believe she was the perfect mentor to guide me through my preparation time.

Raj Shah  (H.R. College)

It's hard to put into words the experience I've had in the past few months. It's been so much fun jut learning about all these different aspects to something as mundane as SAT. To be completely honest, I was hoping for a lot more work and a lot less fun coming into this, but I'm leaving feeling as if I have grown as a person.

I really hope that students continue to gain this experience from you. I really liked that you could be honest, open and truthful with us. It made us feel that we were equals, even in a classroom setting... I was very content with the way everything was taught and I am left feeling more confident in myself.

I thank you a lot for helping me and guiding me through the maze of SAT. (Score: 1430 in my first attempt. English: 710, Math 720).

Khushi  (Dhirubhai Ambani International School)

My first demo class at Bridges International had me enthralled completely. When mid-June came and I started regular SAT classes in a group, I found learning fun in spite of having to sit for 4 hours (until our schools reopened). Although I had a few doubts and difficulties, I was always able to solve them and walk the path of significant improvement. Ms. Swati taught me that the SAT is not difficult if you are hard working, goal oriented and loyal to studying. Otherwise, everything becomes a turmoil and practice goes to waste. I would always look forward to going to class. I have *never* thought about SAT classes as "UGH OH NO 4 hours of boredom" instead, I have thought of SAT classes at Bridges as "Oh why not try and it will help me do better and grow so I will not be standing in the same place". Everyone says SAT is difficult, but that is not true at Bridges. Ms. Swati shares the right SAT knowledge and helps develop the skills required for the SAT test in her students in a more interesting way than Khan Academy, Google or whichever source a student may use to study. I feel way more confident about the SAT than I did before I joined the SAT. I knew that if I had to go to the USA, I had to do the SAT, which I actually hated until I joined Ms. Swati's class. I would highly recommend Bridges International. I cannot wait to do the SAT, in fact, thanks to Ms. Swati I fancy the SAT.

Uma Shiv  (The Aditya Birla Integrated School)

Miss Swati is a wonderful teacher. Her classes were extremely helpful. She made sure all my doubts were cleared after the practice tests and discussion sessions. The mock tests every week made me more confident for my SAT. She made my SAT preparation easy and I could focus on my college academics at the same time. Her friendly nature makes learning fun and interesting. She is the best tutor for English I have met so far.
Thanks Swati miss for helping me a get 1340/1600 in my first attempt.

Prarthna Jaggi   (St. Xavier's College)

I think one of the better decisions made by my mother was to enroll me with Ms. Swati. Initially I was hesitant but she won me over with her kindness and cookies. What I like about the teaching was that it was methodical and well thought out. The system covered the English first, followed by Math. Not only is she meticulous and systematic but also goes beyond the point of duty. It was never a system of strict adherence time. We often sat for extra time going over our problems, and she was always openly welcomed me to take extra classes to clarify my difficulties. She always ensured we remained on top of our work, constantly calling to check up on us. The focus is to ensure that we are geared up for success not merely tuition. We were a very small group and it was like a private tuition. She also gave us simulated SAT exams all through the month of September, once the course was completed. She regularly provided feed back to my mother which I think delighted her. Thus while i thought i required no help for the SAT, she proved me completely wrong!

Kyra Colah  (Cathedral & John Connon School)

English has always been my Achilles heel. I have never been fond of reading, writing or even studying the language. However the SAT exam demands a student to have a very good understanding of the language and know difficult vocabulary. This made this an extremely challenging exam for me and I was able to score only a 1700 in my first attempt without any coaching.

Any student longing to go abroad understands the importance of the SAT exam and knows that he or she needs a score of atleast 2100 so as to get admission in a good college. Thus my parents decided to put me for SAT english classes. However the question now was which teacher to go to. My brother had told us that SAT group classes were not helpful at all. Thus my parents decided to put me under Ms.Swati's coaching on a one on one basis.

In my first meeting with Ms.Swati she told me that her 2100 course which I had opted for would be the most rigorous 50 hours of my life, this is not an understatement. Ms Swati's friendly and firm nature makes learning under her both fun and effective. Many a time we would begin the class talking about the latest movies or the new trends before we would begin studying. This helped me get closer to her and made the class more enjoyable. One particular instance that I can never forget was a meditation app on her phone which she made me use when I was really stressed close to the exam. This friendly nature of hers made the rigorous course enjoyable.

Despite this friendly attitude, Ms. Swati would never compromise on work ethics. She is extremely particular herself and ensured I too was. Her creative methods of teaching and emphasis on colour coding and making of word cards for vocabulary was of great help. Her methods not only made me feel comfortable with the language but also made me feel confident about myself. She always had more than enough material and practice tests which helped build my confidence about the SAT exam. Overall it was lovely experience for me and I am sure I shall be pleased when my SAT scores come out.

Neil N Vakharia  (Cathedral & John Connon School)
I had the good fortune of being referred to Ms. Swati for classes in the Literature SAT Subject Test. With just a week to go, she most graciously accommodated me into her busy schedule without hesitation and gave me all the time I needed to feel confident with my material. Her interactive teaching methods using examples, meticulous attention to detail, willingness to answer all my questions and regular practice tests were a great help. By the end of my classes with Ms. Swati I was well versed in all the necessary terms as well as the paper format and I felt well equipped to give the test. She was also extremely kind, considerate and took care of every request I had. I greatly enjoyed my classes with her. I got 750/800.
Imaan Lamba (Cathedral & John Connon School)
I took Miss Swati's classes (Bridges International) after having given the SAT before, in an attempt to improve my scores and reduce the mistakes and technical errors I was making. The effort she put in was incredible. Even when she went on vacation, she remained in constant contact with me through Skype and work on sample papers with me. When I got a certain type of question wrong, we would practice it repeatedly until I got every similar question right in an exercise. This persistence helped me gain confidence and to understand where and how I was going wrong. Furthermore, she is the most personally involved teacher I have ever come across. She was very easy to talk to and she understood the difficulties I faced in balancing the SAT with my schoolwork. In fact, she even helped me manage my workload on occasion. Most importantly, her involvement and optimism helped make my classes more fun than I thought they would be, and made me more inclined to do the home assignments and work harder. Initially, I didn't want to take SAT classes at all, but the tips and techniques Miss Swati taught me definitely helped me improve, (SAT SuperScore: 2130), particularly in the writing section. 
Diva. Parekh (DAIS - Dhirubhai Ambani International School)
"Just two months before my daughter appeared for her SAT exam, I was frantically looking for a good SAT Coaching Institute. I checked out a few classes but didn’t quite like them as I wanted something more individualised and intensive. I then came across Bridges International and was impressed by the methodical and exacting nature of the sessions.

Ms. Swati is an excellent teacher and is well-versed in all aspects of testing for education abroad. She helped my daughter understand her weaknesses and practise upon them. She gave her a mock-test test every week under her supervision, so she knows exactly where she stands.

Her coaching included not just the principles of grammar, vocabulary lists, useful tips and suggestions; but also the right dose of motivation and discipline. What’s remarkable is that while Ms. Swati makes sure her student does her work on time, she also encourages time-out and fun-filled activities for relaxation.

Her sessions were comfortable, intensive and score-enhancing. I truly recommend Bridges International to anyone wanting coaching for any of the admission tests."
Ms. Sheetal Anand (Mother of Saaniya Anand)
I had a wonderful learning experience with Ms. Swati at Bridges International.. I really enjoyed the classes and also she taught me the correct techniques and methods for SAT. She also gave a lot of additional material to refer to which made it easier to approach the SAT exam.
Ninochka Pruthi, Singapore International School
Bridges International provides you with a very homely environment. Classes are very well organized and learning for SAT was fun. I studied SAT and TOFEL with Ms. Swati and my experience was excellent. I feel more confident in giving my SAT that compared to the first time when I had not done any classes. Ms. Swati understood my learning style and made me accomplish my goals.
Rishi Shah, Uppal Sanghvi High School
When at class, Swati Mam is more like a friend who listens and helps you without ordering you around. You can be comfortable around her. Her teaching methods are great and make work easier and fun. I have learnt so many new vocabulary words for SAT
Rishab  Kamath, Podar International School
I have been trained by Ms Swati for my IELTS and she is a wonderful person to be around when learning. Her teaching methods are quite simple and effective and I have never come across such an amazing teacher.
Rupal Aghada, HR - Recruiter

"I scored almost 2100 in my SAT on my first attempt. Weekly practice tests and vocabulary quizzes with Bridges International helped me tremendously in my Critical Reading and Writing sections. What really helped was not only knowing where I had made a mistake but also why I made it and how I should approach a similar question and concept.

The teachers took personal interest and made the classes fun and challenging.  I became more confident approaching the test and didn’t need to worry."

P. Dohiawalla (home schooled)

"My scores jumped by over 250 points after doing the SAT prep with Bridges International . They have been really helpful - especially solving test papers in class made me more confident when going for the actual test. The tests are not only practice, they show your progress, strengths and weaknesses and can even assess your guessing skills. Adequate material is provided for the Vocabulary and everything is taught in a very comprehensible manner.  The teaching is very thorough and personal.

Bridges International is everything you are looking for, if you want to give the SAT. The classes are not only interactive but also well organized and target oriented."
A. Rana (D.Y. Patil International School)

"It helped a lot and made me more confident for taking the PSAT  test."

V. Mahesh (DAIS - Dhirubhai Ambani International School)

"Ms. Swati is a dedicated and a hard-working teacher. Her ways of teaching are highly commendable.

She gave me a list of words to learn and made quizzes on them to ensure that I was able to learn and remember them well. She also provided me with decks of cards on which I could write the words I came across while reading and solving papers. This has really helped to build up my vocabulary.

Critical Reading was a little difficult and annoying for me. But Ms. Swati made it easier by making me do several practice tests and keeping a score of each one to mark my improvement. Even writing followed the same procedure.

She would also give me a mock test every week and discuss it later in detail, making sure that all my doubts were cleared.

Taking these classes has really helped me prepare for SAT. I would only recommend Ms. Swati to encourage the students to write notes, especially on the writing section, so that they don’t forget was taught in class.

Thank you Ma’am, for your constant support! "

S. Nevatia (Hope Town Girls School –Dehradun)

"I approached Ms. Swati Sheth, TOEFL tutor, just 2 weeks before my TOEFL test (3rd attempt). From my very first interaction, I found her having a very disciplined and a positive approach and personality. I decided to go for her classes within the limited frame of time. While teaching she taught me many important tips to answer various questions and encouraged me to keep a positive approach to achieve my goals.

I thank her for being flexible with me and for teaching me what I needed to learn!! "

S. Shah (Dentist - going for post-graduate studies to the U.S.A.)

"The first thing I like about learning English at Bridges International is that it is a homely environment and you are made comfortable while studying.

Swati Sheth is a very good teacher; she makes you understand your weak points and makes you practise in those areas. She also encourages you and motivates you.

All in all it was a very good experience studying for TOEFL at Bridges international. "

Dr. Ankit Mody (Applied for Post-Doctoral Studies)

"This PSAT class was a good alternative class...At first I thought that preparing for PSAT along with my 10th (I.C.S.E.) class would be too much but my suspicion turned out to be wrong. I have learnt many things which have helped me in English and Maths; which I had never thought about. Hospitality is marvellous – it feels like you are at home and I personally thank you for that, Miss Swati. I even loved the way you kept me comfortable and at the same time disciplined during classes. By my personal experience you are the best tuition teacher I have ever come across! "

A. RANA (Bombay Scottish School)
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